Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish - Unicorn Kid Remix

Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish (Unicorn Kid Remix)After the super-fast success of the last Gorillaz dubstep remix on this site, we had to feature this track! Unicorn Kid twists Superfast Jellyfish up into a f**ked up dubstep mashup. 


Gorillaz - Band

Gorillaz was started by Damon Albarn of UK super-band Blur, and famous cartoonist and creator of Tank Girl Jamie Hewlett. It was 1998 and they were living together in a flat in London.

Their first single 'Clint Eastwood' was released in 2001, as was their debut album 'Gorillaz'. A number of singles from this album were featured in adverts, video games and movies, adding to the growing buzz.

A key moment was their single 'Feel Good Inc.', which hit #2 in the UK charts the week when it was released. It stayed in the top ten for 8 weeks, and made #14 in the USA.

Demon Days was released in May 2005, and hit the top of the single charts. Dare was a big track on here, with vocals by Shaun Rider, and Dirty Harry was another big moment. Demon Days sold over a million copies in the UK.

Now it's 2010 and Gorillaz have just released 'Plastic Beach', which looks to be their most successful album yet. It features loads of big names: Mos Def, Lou Reed, Snoop Dog, Kano, De La Soul and Bashy.

Gorillaz on the internet: Official website | Myspace | Wikipedia | Last.fm

Unicorn Kid

Unicorn Kid

Unicorn Kid is has helped to define a generation with his chiptune infused pop. His aim is to fill his gamewave, chiptune bleeps and blips with a classic music writing style to make big anthems that wouldn’t sound out of place on the Radio 1 a-list. He produces big electronic anthems with powerful choruses that defy genres. 

His ‘Lion Hat EP’ in January 2008 on Euphonios label and then his “Wee Monsters” follow up single saw a big boom in exposure for the artist. Radio 1 and BBC Scotland have been big supporters (did we mention he's from Scotland?). Huw Stephens and Vic Galloway have played all 5 tracks from these 2 releases as well as additional Unicorn Kid remixes.

He was invited to play at the BBC Introducing stage at T in the Park 2009. Unicorn Kid has made some celebrity fans along the way with Neil Tennant from Pet Shop Boys inviting him to remix their track “Did You See Me Coming” and then featuring it as a b-side on their digital bundle. 

Of course he's now been asked to remix Gorillaz - and does a dirty glitchy mashup job on Superfast Jellyfish. It's pretty out there - jumpy and warping with a fucked up wobbly bassline. Get involved! And go ahead and let us know what you think in the comments below...

Unicorn Kid on: Myspace | Facebook | Last.fm | NME


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